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Xcentricities Corsets is a family affair. Ynhared is the designer and seamstress, her husband Daniel is the Fabric cutter and finisher, Sons Maron and Garryth help with grommets, lacing and sales and both Pugsly and Tobin (our service animals) offer supervision and support. Ynhared often refers to herself as an “Accidental Corsetiere”, slipping from the profession of jeweler to fashion designer due to, well, an accident. Really. At White Sands. Really. There’s more on that in the FAQ if you’re interested.

            Not being subjected to the fashion industry during schooling, Ynhared escaped may of the preconceptions of sizing and suitability that clothing manufacturers are often prey to. Being plus sized herself she saw no conflict in fitting larger women as well as the super tiny (yes, we do fit Every Body!).

            We travel America tying women up in underwear at Sci-fi, Anime, Steampunk and Fetish events. As Daniel says, it’s a hard job but some one has to do it.

            As of October 2010 we still make every corset in house (literally), and although we’ve added some accessories from other manufacturers Ynhared still insists on keeping tight control of the quality of our flagship corseted designs.

            You can check out our calendar on our Facebook page, Xcentricities Corsets. If you’d like to vend at your event drop us a note at and we’ll talk!

            We hope you enjoy the new website. Many thanks to Roger Baker of IMAGEinations studio ( for both the fantastic Photos and the website design, and to all of our terrific amateur (!) models for making us look so good.


            Thanks for looking....we look forward to getting you Waisted!

                                    The Xcentricities Family











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