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Q: I'm not sure of my size. How do I measure for accurate sizing.
A: Please click here to refer to our sizing chart. We are always happy to answer any questions personally, either by phone or E-mail.

Q: How did you get into corsetry? Where did you train?
A: In 1994 I was a professional jeweler... really. Had been for almost 2 decades. I damaged my lower back in a series of odd misfortunes culminating in running up a sand dune at White Sands, then sitting in a van for the 2 hour drive to Las Cruces. When we got there I slid out of the passenger seat and screamed- I couldn't even straighten out! The Doctor kindly told me that I need lots of pain meds, and some therapy (those of you who know me will doubtless agree about the therapy...) to get a little better in the next 10 years. No other treatment for lower back soft tissue damage.

So I continued as a jeweler; slower and in way more pain, taking more medication than I could drive with for several years until one Valentines Day when I got my husband a corset ... yes, for ME to wear.

He put me in, tightened it up and panicked when I burst into tears. After a while you don't know How Much you hurt until it suddenly stops!
I tried ordering good corsets, but no one could fit my size 26 long waisted frame quite right and I always ended up re-making them after they arrived. After doing this for 4 or 5 orders I decided it couldn't be more work to make my own, right? WRONG!!! Despite being a talented seamstress and costumer my first corset took me 39 hours and was throw across the room 3 times! It wasn’t faster than a re-make, but I did get a better fit. I kept working on different styles and time periods I came up with MY pattern which while similar to a 1890's 'health corset' employs my knowledge of history and anatomy with my own experience as a corset wearer to produce a garment which is unique on the market today.
Not only did having a comfortable back brace give my back a chance to heal, my jewelry sales went up another 26% (the first 17% was after I died my hair a tasteful blue). Soon my regular clients where requesting corsets as well as metalwork. I was sure that *No One* would be willing to pay what I felt I had to charge for a good corset, so I made up about a dozen in the sizes of family and friends, figured I had Christmas Presents covered and put them out at a show. Just goes to prove I don’t know everything… I sold out in a day and a half, and took orders for another 20 or so. Not being to terribly set in my ways, and realizing that the Balinese import jewelry was going to take a hefty bite out of the metals market that was my bread and butter , I went to work to change over from one medium to another. I was grateful to discover many of my jewelry clientele rapidly developed a taste for corsetry. Once I decided to get serious I measured everyone who would stand still long enough. Finally I spent a year attending BBW events with my measuring tape to see how women put on weight so I could properly dress Plus-sized women.

Today Ynhared’s Xcentricities is recognized as a world-class corsetiere’ in Classic, fetish and costume circles, and is beginning to encroach on traditional fashion design as well. Go Figure!

Q: Do Corsets hurt to wear?
A: No, a well made corset that fits you properly won’t hurt. You’ll find that even in the less comfortable 40 or so minutes you first wear one your back will feel great relief.

Q: Why are they so expensive?
A: Each corset has at least 36 cut pieces of fabric, 20 steel bones a pair of busks and a great deal of detail and precision work

Q: Why is ordering your corsets complicated?
A: Because we are a small, made to order manufactory we offer a wider range of sizes, styles and fabrics than a larger operation does. It takes a little longer, but you get the garment you really want this way!

Q: What are your corsets boned with?
A: Flat steel, latex coated to prevent rust.

Q: Can you teach me to make a corset?
A: No, I currently don’t have the time to run classes

Q: I started sewing a corset years ago. Can you finish it up for me?
A: No, it would probably take longer to sort out someone else’s work then to make my own pattern.

Q: What is your construction of the corset?|
A: Two heavy under layers or cotton or cotton blend fabric covered by a layer of decorative fabric. Bones are slid into channels sew with Tex 46 Bonded nylon thread (most use regular household-type Tex 26 thread)

Q: Can you make my corset out of my own fabric, and will it be cheaper?
A: Yes, I can. Contact me for yardage requirements. And, no, it costs the same.
















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